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“Rehabilitate Cleared Sidewalks” – Department of Interior and Local Government

After giving the City of Love a passing score for its road clearing initiatives, the Department of Interior and Local Government recommends rehabilitation of reclaimed areas.

“The areas that were reclaimed should be rehabilitated. The LGU (local government unit) should see it as an opportunity to possibly widen the roads because the parking areas are limited. They should put up signages and street lights, beautify it and improve the area,” states Maredith R. Madayag, City Director of Bacolod, Department of Interior and Local Government.

Madayag was part of the team that evaluated Iloilo City for compliance. It can be recalled that clearing operations of government properties was the initiative of the national government, as mandated by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Madayag was able to provide 70% to 80% rating to Iloilo City.

In addition, head of task force Love Joy Hosenilla said he is happy with the rating Iloilo City received. Hosenilla worked alongside the Public Safety and Transportation Management Office in the clearing operations.

“There were a lot of factors that were looked at like the vehicles that obstruct our streets. They are the possible drivers that pulled down our rating. We also have ordinances that need to be amended,” states Love Joy Hosenilla, head of task force for Iloilo City.

Hosenilla also stressed the need to revisit certain areas in Iloilo. This includes Tabuc Suba, Cubay Fatima, Montinola, and Benedicto in Jaro. Hosenilla also included Iloilo City Proper, Arevalo, and Yulo Drive.

“This is a continuing responsibility to the local officials to maintain what has been cleared or it could be the cleared roads will be turned over to the barangay officials for maintenance,” adds Hosenilla. Read more: DILG recommends rehabilitation for Iloilo’s cleared roads and sidewalks 

President Rodrigo Duterte tackled the issue of traffic congestion in his fourth State of the Nation Address. According to Duterte, the country loses Php 3.5 billion on a daily basis due to traffic. With this, he instructed the Metro Manila Development Authority as well as local government units to facilitate a smooth and speedy flow of traffic.

“Reclaim all public roads that are being used for private entities. Marami diyan (there are lot there),” states President Rodrigo Duterte. Read more: Duterte: Reclaim public roads to solve traffic 

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