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Righteous Clothing ‘Stands for Righteousness’

With the iconic #StandForRighteousness, clothing brand Righteous was recently launched in Iloilo City, in the height of the global health crisis. The brainchild of Gerthrode Charlotte Tan-Mabilog, the clothing brand aims to encourage wearers to not only ‘survive’ in the new normal, but to ‘thrive’ – that it is more ‘important to be righteous than to be right’.

Here, Tan-Mabilog answers questions regarding the brand and the advocacy it pursues.

How has the pandemic affected your life?

Just like everybody else a lot of things were put on hold. April is supposed to be one of our busiest months as a school community, but when the quarantine protocols came into play, everything just seemed to STOP. Personally, I started to battle with sleepless nights and anxiety attacks especially when I find myself invested in monitoring the news. I find myself blessed that my loved ones were with me, but our other children and grandchildren are in a different island and it added to the list of things I worried about. April was extremely stressful. However, God made me see the value of slowing down and appreciating what matters most in life – family, having our basic needs met, and having the choice to trust God even when I don’t know what lies ahead.

What adjustments did you do to survive and thrive in this crisis?

There was a significant stoppage on spending on unnecessary things. My husband and I prioritized food supplies for the house and our immediate family, we also made sure to boost our immune system, we had to find the courage to see the good things that can come out of this crisis to show our 6-year-old son that there is always hope, and we spent more time together to really just draw strength from one another.

What is the story of your new brand, Righteous Clothing?

Righteous Streetwear Clothing is an idea that was revealed to me in a dream. Repeatedly, I would get very clear pictures of what to do, how to start, people to connect with, designs, timelines, etc. Initially, I put it aside because I was more focused on seeing how the pandemic would pan out. Plus, the idea of starting a new venture seemed like an unlikely idea during a world crisis. But the idea stayed anyway. Every day I would wake up exhausted from all the things I see in my dreams. It was not until I acted on it that I began to experience peace.

What is your vision for this brand?

Righteous is a way of life. It is standing up for something at a time when so many important things are being compromised from our faith to our hope, our church communities, our relationships, and our way of life. It is about giving people the choice to make an uncommon stand and not be afraid to do it. Regardless of what our individual paths may be, we are called to stand for what is right, what is godly, and righteous.

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Posted by Righteous on Monday, August 31, 2020

Tan-Mabilog adds that for purchases made from today until Sept.15, customers will get less P100 and a free Righteous keychain until supplies last. Interested individuals may send Righteous Facebook page a message or contact 09178793332.

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