San Enrique Native Builds Business Empire; Gives Back to Community

Coming from a family of politicians, Camila Pama Fernandez had something else in mind. She is the daughter of San Enrique’s former Mayor Jose Fernandez and former Vice Mayor Corazon Pama Fernandez; her sister is Trixie Fernandez, the current mayor of the said municipality.

Camila’s passion for entrepreneurship led her to build her own business empire, A&A Homemade Food Products, manufacturer of Brgy Siomai, Chorizo Ilongga, and A&A Pork Tocino.

“I have come up with this business model with a hope na these products will promote tourism for our hometown and also to provide affordable but high-quality food – being currently served sa hotels, kilala na food stalls/franchise sa malls and restaurants,” Camila says.

She revealed that her business started two years ago with limited staff and few customers. Her business flourished during the height of quarantine when her products reached the homes of her kasimanwas and later spread throughout the metro and the province. Camila happily says that she has now eleven people under her wing.

“The business started 2 years ago as a homemade food product lang, with limited customers lang gd kag nag boom sya in the midst of pandemic from one person akon staff, subong 11 na sila. Purely homemade ni sya and tawo mismo ang ga mano mano ubra,” she adds.

Purpose Beyond Profit

“Most of the days I feel extremely exhausted, struggling with my personal life and business, but whenever I read positive feedback from my clients makes it all worth it. Most of the people close to me ask me why the price is too cheap for my costs, that I should be earning more if I increase the pricing because of the quality, etc. But then I go back to my purpose. Cliche as it seems, but I have prayed for this, to bring high quality but affordable food for everyone- rich or poor, and most of all to help families earn a living especially during these trying times,” Camila says.

She is a single mom of two but has collaborated with her children’s chef father to come up with their own recipe for her food products. Camila, aside from her business, has also devoted her efforts to giving back to the community. For her birthday last July 18, she gave two families a ‘pangkabuhayan showcase’ for the families to jumpstart amid the financial setbacks brought by the pandemic.

“I am just so happy that we have been helping a lot of people earn because of our A&A Home Made Food Products business. Most of them lost their jobs, OFW’s working abroad and single parents. I am also happy and proud na my testimonies ako from customers na tungod sa siomai, nakabakal sya brand new motor, ang iba naka survive pag lock down. For me, this is not just a business. It’s my purpose from God,” Camila concludes.

Here is a glimpse of her products:

Chili oil (made from pure sili) is given for free per pack, but subject to availability. For more information about A&A Home Made Food Products, visit its official Facebook page at or contact 09295060502

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