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San Miguel Corp Launches Bicycle Program for Employees

San Miguel Corp, in an update, launched a bicycle program wherein employees can avail of bicycles ranging from Php 2,000 to Php 3,000 and payable for 12 months without interest. According to the company, the program aims to provide its employees with an alternative to the usual means of transportation.

SMC pays for the bulk of the cost.

“We understand there’s also a need to provide convenience and additional safety to many of our workers when they go to work. Right now, our transportation system is still limited, and we see that more of our employees are biking to work. So we thought to provide them new bicycles,” states San Miguel Corp President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon Ang.

“With more and more cities putting up bike lanes, and with even our major thoroughfares devoting space for cyclists, biking to work is now a more viable option for many Filipinos. It lessens your risk of exposure to COVID-19 because you are socially-distanced and outdoors; it promotes better cardio health, and you don’t need to pay for fares,” he adds.


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