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Scheduled Power Interruption on November 14

More Electric and Power Corporation, in an update, announced that it will be having a scheduled power interruption on November 14, Saturday, due to shutdown of La Paz Feeder 03. The said feeder will be having its scheduled repair and maintenance of various line equipment to reduce power outages. Moreover, concrete polls will be installed. The interruption will be from 6am to 12nn and will affect the following areas:

Lapaz District


  • Portion of Baldoza
  • Caingin
  • Portion of Divinagracia
  • Lopez Jaena Norte
  • Lopez Jaena Sur
  • Gustilo
  • Jereos
  • Tabuc Suba
  • Magsaysay Village
  • Bantud
  • Portion of Railway
  • Magdalo
  • Portion of San Nicolas
  • Portion of Luna
  • Laguda
  • Portion of Burgos-Mabini


  • Dicen St.
  • Luna St.


  • Villa Hermosa
  • Valderrama Compound
  • Bliss Project
  • San Gregorio Subdivision
  • Dayot Subdivision
  • Woodland Subdivision
  • Puerto Real
  • Ledesco Village
  • Ledesco City Homes
  • Mirasol Subdivision
  • Prime Estates


  • ISAT-U new site
  • Westbridge


  • Gaisano City Lapaz

Jaro District


  • Portion of San Pedro
  • Cubay
  • Portion of Balabago
  • Portion of Quintin Salas
  • Tacas


  • Imperial Homes II
  • Landheights V Subdivision
  • Greenworld Subdivision
  • Carmen Ledesma Village
  • North Spring Ville
  • Landheights IV
  • St. Joseph Subdivision
  • Lucky Homes Subdivision
  • Alta Tierra Village
  • Country Homes
  • Portion of Kahirup Village
  • Green Meadows


  • Iloilo Supermart
  • NFA
  • NIA Region-6

Lapuz District

  • Portion of Alalasan

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