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Seattle’s Best Coffee Iloilo

Seattle's Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee – literally Seattle’s best – recently opened its 47th branch in Iloilo City. The newly opened store is located on the lower ground floor of SM City Northwing, Mandurriao, Iloilo City. Contrary to popular belief, Seattle’s Best is more than just a coffee shop – it serves an array of freshly cooked meals from breakfast, and light meals, to pastries and desserts.

How it became ‘Seattle’s Best? A seaport city on the West Coast, Seattle is the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest Region of North America. It is also the 11th largest metropolitan economy in the United States. Seattle hasn’t always been the center of coffee. It was only in the ’70s that the transition took place. ‘Seattle’s Best Coffee’ came to fruition when a local restaurant held a taste-off among major roasters to award ‘the best cup of coffee in Seattle’ – and the founder of today’s Seattle’s Best, with coffee made from roasted Arabica, won.

What to expect at Seattle’s Best Coffee? As mentioned, it is surprisingly more than just a coffee shop. It serves freshly cooked meals from breakfast, light meals, to pastries, and desserts. Experience freshly cooked pancakes, omelets, french toast paired with sausage, bacon, and much more for a more-than-satisfying breakfast. Light meals include pasta specials – arrabiata, pesto, and amatriciana; salads – vegetable, tuna, and chef’s; and clubhouse sandwich. Seattle’s Best also serves panini – smoked salmon and cream cheese, ham and cheese, quattro formaggi, and pesto-tomato and mozarella – as well as toasties.

The experience at Seattle’s Best Coffee is one that is worth reminiscing – and reliving. Lined with cushioned sofa seats, cozy ambiance, good food, generous serving, and excellently blended line of beverages is truly a testimony why Seattle’s Best Coffee is truly Seattle’s best – not only in Seattle but in every locality, it serves its food and coffee in. Here is a short summary of what to expect as Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Breakfast: Pancakes | Pancakes with sausage | Pancakes with bacon | Omelettes and french toast | Ham and cheese omelette | Sausage and mushroom omelette | Herb omelette | Regular breakfast 1 inclusive of egg, bacon strips, wheat bread, and fruit marmalade | Regular breakfast 2 inclusive of egg, sauteed corned beef, wheat bread, and fruit marmalade | Regular breakfast 3 inclusive of egg, cocktail sausages, wheat bread, and fruit marmalade | Big Breakfast 1 inclusive of egg, sauteed corned beef, pancakes, wheat bread, and fruit marmalade | Big breakfast 2 inclusive of egg, cocktail sausages, bacon strips, pancakes, and fruit marmalade | Big breakfast 3 inclusive of egg, schublig, bacon strips, pancakes, wheat bread, and fruit marmalade

Lightmeals: Pasta Specials: Arabiatta, Penne Rigate pasta tossed with a slightly spicy tomato-based sauce, topped with sliced anchovies and parmesan cheese | Pesto, using fresh basil, this Italian favorite is sprinkled with parmesan cheese, chopped walnuts and fresh parsley | Amatriciana, Linguine pasta tossed with a tomato-based sauce and sauteed bacon slices, topped with parmesan cheese

Salads: All Vegetable Salad, fresh vegetables topped with olives, croutons, and parmesan cheese | Tuna salad, the freshest vegetables topped with tuna flakes, boild egg, croutons, and parmesan cheese | Chef’s salad, the Chef’s pick of the freshest vegetables and sliced ham topped with olives, croutons, and parmesan cheese

Panini: Smoked salmon and cream cheese, slices of smoked salmon, crunchy lettuce, and cream cheese | Ham and cheese, premium ham slices covered with a layer of mozarella cheese | Quattro Formaggi, melted slices of fresh mozarella, salty parmesan, a mild monterey jack, and sharp cheddar | Pesto-tomato and mozarella, ripe tomatoes and fresh mozarella topped with pesto sauce

Seattle’s Best Coffee Signature Drinks: The Perfect Cup: Americano | Cappucino | Breve | Espresso | Brewed coffee | Latte | Best over ice: Iced tea | Naught toddy | Iced latte | Iced mocha | Iced white chocolate mocha | Iced americano | Iced breve | Iced raspberry mocha kiss; Ice blended: Javajelly | Java chip jarakula | Double chocolate mint jarakula | Javanilla | Mocha jarakula | Chai tea jarakula | Brownie jarakula

Seattle’s Best Coffee Mochas: Classic mocha | Raspberry mocha kiss | Almond mocha joy | white chocolate mocha | hot and cold black and white mocha; Seattle’s Best Tea: Hot tea | Chai tea; Non-coffee drinks: Signature hot chocolate | Mango Xtea | Strawberry Xtea | Lemon Italian soda | Strawberry Italian soda | Kiwi Italian soda | Vanilla milkshake | Chocolate milkshake | Avocado milkshake | Strawberry milkshake

Personalize your drink: Extra shot, intensify your drink with an additional espresso shot – regular or decaf | Choose your milk, rediscover your coffee with non-fat, low-fat, half and half, and soya milk | Extra flavoring syrup, spice it up with the flavors of vanilla, haselnut, almond, coconut, raspberry, etc | Extra whipped cream, our SBC favorite made perfect with luscious tempting whipped cream

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