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Sibalom Vice Mayor Speaks Regarding Pageant Controversy

Just recently, Sibalom Vice Mayor Zoilo Bernardo Tubianosa shared his insight regarding the concluded ‘Lin-ay Kang Antique’, held last December 2019 during the Binirayan Festival. The Antiqueño Vice Mayor expressed his dismay as Miss Sibalom representative to Lin-ay Kang Antique did not win the crown.

“Having witnessed the event and how it unfolded feels that there was a deliberate attempt by some quarters to subvert the results and frustrate the bid of Miss Sibalom to be crowned Lin-ay Kang Antique 2019. It seems it was not to the liking of some influential persons that Miss Sibalom get practically all of the corporate and minor awards save a few,” states Sibalom Vice Mayor Zoilo Bernardo Tubianosa in a privilege speech.

In line with the controversy, Resolution No. 28 known as a ‘resolution creating a special committee to initiate any appropriate action before the 2019 Lin-ay Kang Antique Committee in relation to the Search for 2019 Lin-ay Kang Antique’ was formed. This authorized a committee to procure a copy of the results of the judges’ decisions and the tabulation.

In the resolutions, it was identified that ‘upon the submission of such results and initial analysis by the Tourism Officer designate of the Municipality of Sibalom, material discrepancies therein were discovered.’ The resolution also authorizes Tourism Officer Designate Mr. Rodel Ester to initiate an action to rectify the obvious ‘subversion of the collective decision’ of the pageant.

Meanwhile, organizers of the Lin-ay Kang Antique affirmed that the tabulation of the winners is ‘consistent with the rules and mechanics set by the committee, and has released an official statement to the public.

As of date, an investigation is still ongoing.

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