Skating Tips for First Timers

First and foremost, I am no skating expert! I have held on to the skating aid penguin all throughout my brief skating experience. In light of the recently opened skating rink at Festive Walk Iloilo, here is an article curating helpful tips on how to gracefully conquer the ice. The skating rink at Festive Walk Iloilo is the first in Iloilo. The skating rink is priced Php 150 for 30 minutes and Php 50 for skating aid.

Prior the tips, here are some house rules first – from Festive Walk Iloilo’s Skating Rink. (1) You must wear socks, hand-gloves, pants or leg warmers, and helmet at all times. (2) Guest/s must be at least 4 feet tall to be allowed to skate. (3) They must wear the proper foot wear inside the rink. (4) They also must follow and listen to rink staff at all times – staff may be approached for any incident.

Choosing the correct attire is important when ice skating. Wear clothes that are easy to move in – such as tshirt or loose-fitting pants. Don’t wear jeans. They will become damp when you fall on ice. I wore jeans and it took me a few hours to dry it. It is also suggested to wear a warm outerwear. However, as per experience at the ice rink at Festive Walk Iloilo, it is not that cold. And surprisingly, we were actually sweating. Ice skating is extremely hard to learn at first.

Choose proper skates. Ask the rink attendant to provide you two (2) shoe sizes to try. Skates that are too loose will not provide the proper ankle support needed. However, tight skates will strangle your feet and cause your toes to go numb. There are a variety of skate sizes at the skating rink at Festive Walk Iloilo. Plus, the staff are friendly. Also, don’t forget to put on a helmet!

Try walking with skates on. With skates on, work your balance by walking around the venue on the carpet. You will immediately notice that it is hard to stand straight. Keep your knees slightly bent and put your weight on the balls of your feet. Your center of gravity must be low – to avoid falling. Bend your knees and not your back – remember proper body mechanics.

Learn to fall! Yes, falling is a natural part of the sport and it is bound to happen a couple of times. Learn to fall properly, you will reduce the possibility of a serious injury. While on the carpet, bend your knee and do a squat. Slowly fall backwards, landing on your bottom. Keep your chin tucked in to your chest – this will prevent your head from snapping back and hitting the cold. Never use your hands to break your fall. Another skater might come flying by and run over your fingers. Instead, leave your arms at your side or in front.

Practice getting up! My fall was caught on Facebook Live at my fellow blogger’s page. If you could see, I was helped by two staff because I don’t know how to get up! To properly recover, roll over onto your hands and knees. Place one foot beneath you, between your hands. Bring the other foot forward and push up slowly – this is why you may need hand mittens or gloves. When upright, keep your knees slightly bent to regain full balance.

Practice makes perfect. Stay close to the wall. Hold on to the wall if necessary. Remain relaxed and don’t rush to start zipping around the rink. You may ask a skating staff should you have any concerns. You can also solicit the help of a skating aid. Now ready? Come and visit the skating at Festive Walk Iloilo! Some skating tips listed here are from the article How to Try Ice Skating for the First Time from WikiHow.

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