S&R Membership Shopping

S&R Membership Shopping

S&R Membership Shopping, a membership shopping club modeled after the warehouse membership shopping chains in the United States, opened its doors to Iloilo, last 16th of December 2016 (Friday). From the S&R website: “the core concept is to deliver significant value to member-customers through an effective and efficient system anchored on aggressive buying, low-cost distribution, and streamlined operations. S&R provides an expansive selection of imported and local items in value-packed sizes to cater to your personal and business needs.”

With warehouse chains in Bonifacio Global City, Congressional, Alabang, Aseana-Baclaran, Cebu, Pampanga, Shaw, Davao, Imus, Nuvali, and CDO – S&R Membership Shopping is finally opening its doors to the Ilonggo community and will offer a roster of high quality local and international products, not to mention a selection of imported grocery items and premium wines and liquor from all over the world.

What does S&R Membership Shopping offer? A wide selection of local pork, poultry products, fresh chilled beef and Australian/New Zealand beef, fresh seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, appliances, wellness and beauty products. Apart from the wide selection of products, S&R also offers a food service section, deli and scooping station, automotive and hardware section at warehouse prices, in-store product sampling, and a wholesale program.

Membership Benefits and Perks:

  • First pick imported name-brand merchandise
  • Exclusive deals and discounts
  • Unmatched everyday savings
  • Access to specialty services
  • Shopping privileges at all S&R branches


Gold Membership: available to all qualifying individuals 18 years old and above. The membership fee is Php 700 valid for 12 months from the date of enrollment of the primary cardholder. Gold members may add one extension card at Php 400.

Business Membership: available for business owners and managers, allows the purchase of products for business, personal and resale use. The membership fee is Php 900 with one (1) free add-on card. Primary Business members may add up to three (3) additional cardholders to their existing business membership account.

Whether you are stacking your store shelves, supplying your office needs, a need to operate your restaurant efficiently, you will find what you need at S&R. S&R specialize in bringing value to companies. You can count on S&R for the right-priced, quality products. – S&R Membership Shopping website.

Premium Home Appliances and Furnishings: Bistro garden sets, handy gadgets for kitchen needs, and an impressive series of quality brands of electronic appliances are available to savvy S&R members year-round.

Free Services at Tire Center and Automotive (Exclusive to Members):

Nitrogen Tire Inflation – Why Use Nitrogen Air for your Tires?

1.) Increases driving stability and safety by reducing the chances of tire failure;
2.) Extends the tread life with more stable tire pressure;
3.) Improves gas mileage due to more stable tired pressure;
4.) Improves better handling and performance from more responsive tires with stronger grip.

Services at S&R include mounting and installation, flat tire repairs, and balancing and rotation.

Quality Fresh and Frozen

Fresh Chilled Australian and New Zealand Beef: Regularly flown in fresh Australian and New Zealand Beef offer premium tenderness and flavor – it’s freshly chilled not frozen, locking in the original goodness. Australian/New Zealand – breed beef are aged for optimum tenderness and kept chilled for a minimum of 7 days after slaughter to reveal the beef’s inherent tenderness. Delivered in chilled vacuum packs that protect the meat from contamination.

Local Pork: Premium international breeds with the highest grade pork done through selection of pigs with the lowest fat to meat ratio. Immediately blast-chilled to prevent microbial growth while offering freshness no other retail outlet can offer.

Poultry: Sourced from one accredited supplier to prevent cross-contamination which could happen when dealing with multiple suppliers. Consistent quality and standard size specifications. Our poultry products are delivered fresh, straight from the dressing plants.

Fruits and Veggies: Garden-fresh quality produce delivered daily from the country’s premier growing regions. Premium grade fruits – the freshest and juiciest one can ever find.

Broad Selection of Imported Groceries: Putting a premium on customer satisfaction, S&R offers its members imported groceries such as fruit juices, sodas, chocolates, snacks, spreads, condiments, canned goods, cooking oils, plus a wide range of trusted brands that are hard to find.

Widest Choices on Health and Beauty/Household Essentials: Wide-ranging choices of quality health and beauty products and household items are showcased for S&R members.

Freshly Baked: Baked fresh daily using imported ingredients. Gourmet selection without the gourmet prices. Choices include bread, doughnuts, muffins, pies, cookies, cakes, and more.

Big Taste Big Fun: S&R Food Service Station offers piping hot New York Style Pizzas, calzones, churros, hotdogs, cheeseburgers, fries, Blue Bunny ice creams, Clam Chowder, Rotisserie and Southern Style Chicken, and rice.

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  1. Please do research about the Nitrogen inflation there seems to be some inaccuracies mentioned there:

    Nitrogen does not really reduce tire failure, there is no actual measurement on when tires fail. It is usually involving several factors and Nitrogen is not even on that list of factors.

    Nitrogen adding more mileage to your tire? depends how you explain but definitely it is not because of “stability”

    I can go on with this all day but better check what you write before you post stuff or if that is from SnR tell them to hire somebody knowledgeable in tires.

    1. Hello Tire Guy,

      Foremost, thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read our article. I apologize it made you feel that way but the statement about nitrogen tire inflation is from S&R Membership Shopping. On my end, I cannot provide any explanation to support the statement. Again, thank you for your sharing your thoughts.

      All the best,

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