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State of the City Address 2023: Summary

State of the City Address 2023

State of the City Address 2023: Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas delivered the State of the City Address (SOCA) 2023 today, August 16, in front of the Iloilo City Government Office, Iloilo City. The SOCA bared the city’s milestones, vision, and plans that will ‘shape the journey towards a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow’.

Mayor Treñas started by acknowledging the achievements since the start of his administration in 2019. Iloilo City was awarded ‘ASEAN Clean Tourist City’ in 2019. According to Treñas, the award was a symbol of the city’s ‘collective commitment to a sustainable and vibrant urban environment’ – and that ‘through shared responsibility, Iloilo City was transformed into a shining example of eco-friendliness’.

The City Mayor also recognized the collective efforts of the community during the 2020 pandemic. He highlighted that the city ’emerged as a model in the fight against the global pandemic’, and that despite challenges, the community ‘came together with unwavering determination’.

He also cited the success of the public-private partnership (PPP), made possible through the support of the business sector and investors. Moreover, he also included statistics that highlighted the achievement of the metro – growth of new businesses up by 26.71%; business renewals up by 4.62%; gross sales of registered firms up by 5.65%; total investments up by 65%; tourist arrivals up by 255%; and employment rate at 95.1% from 89.4%.

He also mentioned the roadmap created in 2019, WHEELS for Inclusive Development. The roadmap focused on welfare, health and sanitation, education, environmental management, livelihood, and sustainability.

With all the achievements, Treñas reveals a blueprint to position Iloilo City to be among the top three most competitive highly-urbanized cities in the Philippines by 2028.

“Iloilo City shall be a model of a livable, sustainable, and resilient city of well-governed and empowered Ilonggos that safeguard the environment and preserve the culture while sustaining a robust, inclusive, and innovative economy,” states Treñas.

Iloilo City’s roadmap for success, according to the mayor, will be rooted in the four pillars of environmental sustainability, resilient infrastructure, innovative economic development, and responsive and inclusive human development.

Environmental Sustainability. This will focus on fostering green spaces, promoting waste reduction, and advocating for clean energy alternatives. This aspect will include the Beach Forest, Lanit Tree Park, and the Mangrove Eco-Park, as well as the redevelopment of plazas. Read: Iloilo Tree Park Network: A Preview

Resilient Infrastructure. This aspect focuses on the walkability of sidewalks, installation of the bike-sharing system (via mobile application), adaptation of e-vehicles as a mode of green transport, and implementation of comprehensive urban drainage.

Innovative Economic Development. This pillar will secure local businesses, attract investment, and foster a culture of entrepreneurship. This will also include market developments, a digital system for markets, national and international promotion of investment in Iloilo City, real estate development, and international container shipment. Treñas also mentioned the Uswag Negosyo Academy to educate and empower market vendors.

Responsive and Inclusive Human Development. This pillar focuses on projects for the urban poor – housing projects, accessible education, quality healthcare, and inclusive social services.

Mayor Treñas also included additional steps to ensure the success of the aforementioned plans and projects:

  • Strengthening Barangay Engagement
  • Re-Engineering Organization Structure and Human Resource System
  • Becoming a Technologically Advanced City
  • Effective and Efficient Resource Management
  • Becoming a Model City of Transparent and Excellent Governance

Treñas concluded his State of the City Address (SOCA) with a message to the community.

“My fellow Ilonggos, as we stride forward towards our goal of being one of the top three most competitive highly urbanized cities in the Philippines, let us remember that our journey is defined not only by the destination but by the path we carve, the challenges we overcome, and the lives we touch,” ends Treñas.


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