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Sto Niño Sur Arevalo under Extreme ECQ

The Iloilo City Government, through Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas, signed Executive Order 070 imposing an ‘Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine’ for Brgy. Sto Niño Sur Arevalo in Iloilo City for an interim period of 72 hours. One of the reasons for the imposition of Extreme ECQ is that the area has yielded four positive cases of COVID-19. The four individuals are from different households in the same barangay.

Guidelines of the Extreme ECQ include the following:

  • Strict stay at home for the entire duration of the EECQ. Residents that observe a strict stay at home order for the entire duration of the EECQ. Moreover, all forms of transportation both public and private within the area are restricted. However, foregoing restrictions shall not apply to persons needing immediate hospital care and management and those mentioned under Section 2(G) and 2(H)
  • Mandatory random testing. The Iloilo City Health Office shall conduct a mandatory testing for RT-PCR and Rapit Anti Body Tests for all high risk and medium risk contacts of positive cases found in the locality.
    Continuing contact tracing. The Iloilo City Health Office, together with the COVID-19 Task Force shall continue to conduct contact tracing for confirmed cases pursuant to the protocols by the authorized bodies.
  • Implementation and maintenance of peace and order. The Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, Bureau of Fire, Public Safety and Traffic Management Office, force multipliers, and volunteers shall augment the barangay officials of the barangay.
  • Management of patients of COVID-19 cases. Confirmed cases shall be managed as follows: those tested positive as a result of Rapid Anti Body Tests shall be confined at the Jubilee Hall in General Luna while results for the RT-PCR are pending. Moreover, those positive in RT-PCR shall be confined at the St. Therese Hospital in Jalandoni, Iloilo City.
  • Provision and distribution of goods. The government shall continue to provide the food and medical needs of the residents of the barangay during the entire duration of the EECQ.

View the full Executive Order 070 below:

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