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Stray Dogs in Iloilo

Stray Dogs Iloilo

Stray Dogs in Iloilo: Just recently, it has been mandated that all unclaimed stray dogs will undergo euthanasia, otherwise known as mercy killing. According to City Veterinarian Dr Tomas Forteza, stray dogs will be taken into custody and the nearby community will be informed. All stray dogs that remain unclaimed will undergo the procedure.

According to reports, the City Veterinarian’s Office will start seizing stray dogs today, November 14. This is in a bid to prevent strays dogs from destroying plants along Diversion Road and the Iloilo River Esplanade.

“Ipa-idalum sa euthanasia ukon mercy killing ang mga layaw nga ido kun wala sang may mag-claim nga tag-iya. Suno kay City Veterinarian Dr. Tomas Forteza, i-custody nila ang madakpan nga mga layaw nga ido kag ipahibalo sa barangay. Kun wala sang ma-claim, ipa-idalum sa mercy killing ang sapat paagi sa injection. Nag-umpisa subong nga adlaw ang paglibot sang taga-City Veterinarian’s Office agud mangdakop sang mga layaw nga ido kasunod man sang impormasyon nga nagapangkaykay sang mga tanum ilabe na sa Diversion Road kag Iloilo Esplanade. Magluwas sa mga tanod, nag-coordinate man si Task Force Beautification Head Ninda Atinado kay Dr. Rebecca Gregorios, ang in-charge sa mga mentally-ill nga i-custody man ang mga may deperensya sa paminsaron agud indi makapanghalit sang mga tanum,” original post from Aksyon Radyo Iloilo.

5 thoughts on “Stray Dogs in Iloilo”

  1. That’s their only solution to protect the plants at the esplanade? How about an adoption project for those stray dogs? God have mercy on their souls!

    1. Hello maam, thank you for your comment. Unclaimed strays will inevitably undergo euthanasia. However, still hoping that the government and community will give these strays a second chance to life, and to be given quality life and a warm welcoming home.

  2. Unfortunately, since they are stray dogs most of them will not be reclaimed. So it is so sad and outrageous that these poor dogs will be placed on death row. Why can’t the city government provide a sanctuary f then spay and neuter to control their growing population. Does Mayor Trenas have something to say about this animal cruelty? For God’s sake we must have to do something about this… Well, is there an update regarding this very sad news?

  3. Please don’t do.. Stray dogs and cats have the right to live!!! They belong in our eco system, balance of nature.. May all the City come up to have home shelters for poor strays.

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