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TeleTech: Unemployment has always been a sensitive issue. However, it has been sufficed by the entry of Business Process Outsourcing companies and has provided lucrative jobs ever since. TeleTech, a forerunner BPO in Iloilo City, has always been extending its doors to those seeking a career in the call center industry.

TeleTech is a forerunner BPO company in Iloilo City and has provided many job opportunities for Ilonggos. Apart from that, the company has also provided career growth to hundreds of employees since its inception and served as a competent ground for top-notch customer service training. With many emerging BPO companies, TeleTech is still at the top of its game hiring and embracing new employees every week to its ‘#ExperienceTeleTech’ community.

“Everytime a customer interacts with our company, it is an opportunity to build long term value and enhance their brand. We bring the people, processes, and technology together to make sure it happens.” – TeleTech

TeleTech has provided the most diverse footprint with 19 large service delivery centers, 2 recruitment hubs, and over 100,000 square meters of leased space. It is one of the largest BPO companies with over 25,000 Filipino employees and more than 15,000 workstations.

What sets TeleTech apart is its passion to create a work-conducive and fun-loving community for its employees. It also spares time to conduct community activities such as fundraising programs for charities – PTO or leave credit can be converted to cash donation, fun run activities for a cause, and gift-giving. Just this year, on April 04, TeleTech was awarded the PEZA Outstanding Community Project Award from the Department of Trade and Industry and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

‘TeleTech is committed to supporting underprivileged youth by providing aid to uplift education quality and improve the overall experience in community learning institutions. TeleTech contributed Php 3.96 million to the community from employee-driven grant requests throughout 2016.’ – Teletech

TeleTech is pro-employee. Believe it or not, there’s a karaoke area for employees. ‘TeleTech employees are fun-loving and we always treasure the time that we get together at or outside work.’ The culture at TeleTech is different. They have a scheduled Summer Party, Year-end Party, and likewise an Annual Town Hall Meeting – a town hall discussion regarding employee wellness, career advancements, company updates, and improvement in the workplace. The Town Hall Meeting is attended by the TeleTech company

Why work as a call center agent?

Primarily, there is increasing demand for call center professionals. Locally and internationally, customer service is essential in every company. Moreover, outsourcing has been a helpful measure to increase productivity while minimizing operational costs. This, in turn, increases demand for customer service – to ensure the provision of quality customer service.

Another reason is: the salary is higher, with additional bonuses and benefits. According to Payscale, a call center agent based in the Philippines has an average salary of Php 207,473 per year. Entry-level positions in call centers offer Php 15,000 starting salary. Moreover, higher compensation is offered to those with prior experience.

A call center is a good training ground to enhance skills. This includes sharpening English skills, improving interaction with multinational clients, encoding data, improving listening, enhancing problem-solving skills, and so on. Call centers likewise offer intensive training with superiors prior to immersion in the field.

Why apply at TeleTech?

TeleTech offers a roster of employee benefits, this includes a wellness program, health, and well-being benefits, and life and disability benefits. It also includes company perks and an on-site clinic making sure that employee concerns, including health, are attended to. TeleTech are pro employees. The company takes time to listen to employee concerns and provides recreational activities.

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