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The Avenue Weekend Cookout Grill Experience at Smallville

The Avenue Smallville

The Avenue Smallville: A hardworking individual like you deserves to party once in a while – and what could be more invigorating than the Weekend Cookout Grill held every Friday and Saturday at The Avenue inside Smallville Complex Iloilo? In lieu of the celebrated October Fest, the Weekend Cookout Grill started earlier this October – every Friday and Saturday – and will last until the long-awaited Dinagyang Festival. The said Iloilo-grown festival will hallmark its 50th year in 2018, so every corner of Iloilo will definitely hype up its festivities.

Highlighting a live grill cookout from topnotch restaurants Mojave Grill and Steak House, Amalfi Cucina Italiana, Bauhinia Filipino Cuisine, and Bourbon Street as well as a variety of gigs from flair bartending to fire dance, The Avenue is your best bet to have the ‘night of your life’ – a combination of gastronomic satisfaction, titillating performances, a bounty of alcohol, and good music. Your food will be prepared on the grill at the center of the Avenue.

The Avenue Smallville

Bourbon Half Rack

The Avenue Smallville

The Avenue Smallville

Mojave Sausage Platter

The Avenue Smallville

Bauhinia Sisig

And to heat things up, you also get to witness a heart-stopping fire dance performance from local performers:

Speaking of weekend gigs, the highlight for last night (October 28) was Domino Shots, a domino effect of shots falling into tall glasses filled with interesting flavors – and what’s awesome is that you get the shots for free!

Sharing this video taken by Flavours of Iloilo of yours truly starting the Domino Shots! I personally would like to thank The Avenue Complex for giving me the honor to tip the first shot and Flavours of Iloilo for taking this amazing video! For more awesome Ilonggo food stories, follow Flavours of Iloilo here!

It’s raining alcohol! Aside from getting a free glass from the Domino Shots, you also get a serving of Emperador Brandy served by lovely ladies. When it comes to alcohol, what really caught my eye was the array of sweets served at Nothing But Desserts. Who would’ve thought you can incorporate exotic ingredients into desserts – making it more sinfully irresistible than ever? Imagine having a Margarita and Smirnoff Mule Gellato. And yes, you can really feel the alcoholic kick from it. But it doesn’t stop there. Sweet alcoholic desserts such as the Chocolate Almond Vodka is also one of a kind. Other interesting dessert pieces we had was Calamansi Macaroon, Peach and Mango Crepe, and Creme Brulee.

Nothing But Desserts Creme Brulee

Calamansi Macaroon and Chocolate Almond Vodka

Smirnoff Mule and Margarita Gellato

Peach Mango Crepe

And what else can you do at The Avenue? End the night’s festivities at Aura. I ended mine at Coffeebreak. So, what’re you waiting for? Life is like, YOLO, you can’t miss this one-of-a-kind thrilling event here at the center of the city. Parties are best enjoyed with friends, so gather up the barkada for an awesome night at The Avenue!

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