The Craze Continues – Ube Cheese Pizza is Out!

Just recently, the Leaf Restaurant revealed the latest addition to its menu, and it is something Ilonggos are far too familiar with– ube cheese! However, it is not the usual pandesal. It is ube cheese pizza! Here Eon Centennial Hotels Executive Chef Ariel Castañeda answers questions about his latest gastronomic rendition.

Tell us about your new ube cheese pizza.

“First thing, it is the typical blend of homemade ube halaya and a special mix of different cheeses made into a dessert pizza. You get a better blend of flavors with a different experience of having it as a pizza,” states Chef Ariel Castañeda, “We were actually conceptualizing new flavors of pizzas that we can incorporate into our restaurant menu, and having this craze about ube cheese everything we thought of having it as one of our new flavors for our pizza line,” he adds.

Why not the regular pandesal, though? Chef Ariel thinks it is overrated.

“I think ube cheese pandesal has been so overrated already and the concept has been overused by many. Like we already have pandesal, pretzel, cakes, sandwiches, etc. We wanted to be different, and unique so thats wen we thought of having it as a pizza,” Chef Ariel comments.

The newest ube cheese pizza will be available starting March 4 at the Leaf Restaurant located in the lobby of Eon Centennial Hotels along Jalandoni Street, Iloilo City. The Leaf is the signature restaurant of Eon Centennial Hotels and offers a variety of all day breakfast meals, steaks, ribs, salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and more.


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