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‘The Ilonggo Basket’ Launched to Aid Local Businesses

In a bid to aid local businesses recover from the effects of COVID, the ‘Ilonggo Basket’ was spawned. It highlights ‘everything Ilonggo’ such as food, fabrics, fashion, and more. The purpose of the initiative is to reach out to the small entrepreneurs of Iloilo, both city and province, and to aid in their recovery post COVID.

“The Ilonggo Basket is everything Ilonggo – food, fabrics, fashion accessories, and many more. It is about reaching out to the small entrepreneurs of Iloilo City and province who are trying to recover from the slump in business caused by the COVID pandemic. It is about empowering the Ilongga’s who’s struggling to survive these hard times. It is about community recovery and helping each other,” excerpts from the Ilongga Basket social media page.

The Ilonggo Basket highlights ‘Maya Ilongga, Queen Raketera’, a representation of hardworking women, women entrepreneurs, and women breadwinners who always find ways to overcome adversity.

In the Ilonggo Basket Facebook page, its first basket featured the Ilonggo mealtime favorite, ‘uga’. ‘Uga’ is a sundried fish or squid sourced from the communities in northern Iloilo. Moreover, more local delicacies will be included in future Ilonggo baskets.

For more information about the Ilonggo Basket, visit www.facebook.com /theilonggobasket.

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