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The Medical City Iloilo Inaugurates Sacristy

As part of its commitment of bringing “patient partnership” to the Ilonggo community, The Medical City (TMC) Iloilo has inaugurated its Sacristy on August 16. Located at the 6th floor of the said hospital, Sacristy was materialized through the kindness of Dr. Douglas Budok who donated the said chapel to the hospital and has also been supportive to TMC Iloilo towards achieving its mission of “patient partnership”. Sacristy was built to give patient partners a place where they can have quiet time for reflection with the aim or bringing holistic health.

“When you look at health, it doesn’t only mean physical, it also needs to be spiritual and emotional because if we do not have that kind of attitude, we will not completely get better,” TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer Eugene Ramos noted. “As physicians, our role is to cure sometimes, to provide relief most of the time, but always to provide comfort all the time. We need to have the time for reflection because that is the only way we can discover our strengths”, he added.

On his part, Sacristy donor Dr. Douglas Budok said that the chapel is a sanctuary where patient partners and their loved ones can have peace of mind, serenity, clarity and acceptance. Conceptualized by Dr. Budok himself, Sacristy’s interiors are adorned with wood carving designs of a tree which represent life and eternity. The event was highlighted by a turn over ceremony of Sacristy from Dr. Budok to TMC Iloilo and a holy mass officiated by Fr. Ramon Fruto and Fr. Domingo Alimajen. Related article: The Medical City Iloilo Celebrates 8 Years of Patient Partnership

It was graced by the presence of some patient partners who also shared their thoughts on how Sacristy would benefit them towards achieving holistic wellness, highlighting that TMC Iloilo is a patient centered hospital. Also present during the event were the TMC Iloilo executive committee, employees and doctors. Related article: Php 550,000 PhilHealth Benefit Package Launched at The Medical City Iloilo

The VIPs of the event share their thoughts on the importance of Sacristy in achieving holistic health and fulfilling TMC Iloilo’s commitment of “patient partnership”

TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer Dr. Eugene Ramos with some patient partners

TMC Iloilo partner doctors

Sacristy donor Dr. Douglas Budok with the members of TMC Iloilo executive committee

TMC Iloilo employees with TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer Dr. Eugene Ramos and Sacristy donor Dr. Douglas Budok

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