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The Medical City Iloilo Launches ‘Finest in Heart Care’

In celebration of Heart Month this February, The Medical City Iloilo launched the “Finest in Heart Care” Campaign – officially kicked off February 15 at SM City Iloilo. The launching highlighted “HeartSpiration”, stories of hope, resilience, and victories narrating five inspiring stories of The Medical City Iloilo patients who have undergone heart procedures.

Patients who shared their individual stories include Leaonardo Yap, Mark Lester Estapon, Jaime Dueñas, Nilo Plantinos, and John Trompeta. The heart patients were awarded ‘HeartSpiration Badges’, serving as a testament to the challenges that they have surpassed to win against heart disease.

In his response speech, TMC Iloilo HeartSpiration John Trompeta thanked TMC Iloilo on behalf of the other HeartSpirations for being an instrument for them to have a second life. He also highlighted that being healthy is not a guarantee for someone to be spare from heart diseases. Anyone can be a victim thus, early symptoms should not be taken for granted.

“Finest in Heart Care” Campaign will have a series of events aside from the “HeartSpiration”. These include the “Right Heart Care Provider, Right Here” regionwide roadshow and the “Heart Warrior”, a CPR roadshow to different groups and organizations.

Finest in Heart Care. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the number one cause of death globally with an estimated 17.9 million deaths each year. Of the said number, 85% are due to heart attacks and stroke. In Western Visayas, the Department of Health (DOH) Region VI 2018 data revealed that Hypertensive Cardiovascular Diseases (HCVD) are the leading cause of mortality in the region which accounts to 1,033 deaths.

TMC Iloilo, being the “Heart Care Capital of Western Visayas” is the only private hospital in the region which has a Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. This facility enables cardiovascular specialists to perform procedures such as angiogram, angioplasty and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG).

With nine years of experience in handling various cardiovascular procedures and with 2,803 cases and counting, TMC Iloilo’s Cath Lab Team boasts its 99.42% Procedural Success Rate which is the highest in the region.

Aside from the modern facilities, TMC Illoilo has also a team of expert Cardio Specialists and nurses who are trained specifically for the treatment and management of different cardiovascular cases. With the availability of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and heart specialists at TMC Iloilo, Ilonggos and those who are living in the nearby provinces will no longer need to go to Manila or Cebu for the treatment of their heart problems. This means also more convenience and financial and time savings on their part as these procedures are now made available locally thru TMC Iloilo.

Know more about the different heart services being offered at TMC Iloilo. Call (033) 500-1000, email info@themedicalcityiloilo.com or on www.themedicalcityiloilo.com for updates. (TMCI)

About the Medical City Iloilo. TMC Iloilo is one of the five local hospitals of The Medical City brand. Its other hospitals are located in Ortigas, Clark, South Luzon and Pangasinan. Entered Iloilo in 2009, it is the first hospital in Iloilo City to introduce “Patient Partnership” service philosophy, a value of care that focuses on making every patient a partner in their journey towards wellness. The Medical City is the largest healthcare network which owns and operates Guam Regional Medical City, the first Filipino-owned hospital in the United States and an ambulatory Clinic in Dubai.

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