The Rise to PPOP Stardom: Anna Park

K-Pop, in all its glory, stands for Korean pop – an instant hit not just in South Korean but all over the world. P-Pop, meanwhile, stands for Pinoy Pop. In the Philippines, it has spawned a strong following and inspired artists to follow the footsteps of KPop superstars. This includes Anna Park.

Annabelle Reniedo, also known as ‘Anna Park’, is well known in the country for her performances in KPop events and her participation in the Korean-Filipino TV program ‘Aja Aja Tayo’ Season 1 as ‘Aja Girl’ together with PPOP Boygroup Sensation SB19. The rising star also released a debut single entitled ‘Hanggang Dito Nalang’. The song became the OST of Wattpad hit ‘Making Out With A Playboy’ series.

To date, Anna Park has released another single entitled ‘If I Say I Love You’, released in Korea Naver Music and other digital formats. Her third single ‘Petmalu Lodi Werpa’ (music by South Korean Singer/Producer IHYA) will be released this coming April. Anna Park is first solo artist in the Philippines to release a song together with SB19.

“Lalo akong naiinspired na magpursige at sa tulong yun ng Cuties ko na walang sawang suporta ang binibigay sakin since 2014 na nagsimula ako sa industry hanggang ngayon di nila ako iniwan. All of this efforts and achievements inaalay ko sa Family, Friends, and Cuties ko. Will do my best pa in the future. Thank you everyone,” says Anna Park in an interview.

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