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Three Filipino Companies Named 2020 World Best Employers

Three Filipino companies were included in the list of 2020 World’s Best Employers. Forbes Magazine has recently featured 750 of the world’s largest multinational corporations in the list based on a survey answered by 160,000 full-time workers around the globe. According to results, Samsung Electronics of South Korea is the world’s best employer followed by Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and LG. Also included in the top ten are Apple, Adobe, Alphabet, Siemens, and Bosch.

Meanwhile, the three Filipino companies who made it to the list are the following: Robinsons Retail Holdings, Jollibee Foods, and Alliance Global Group. Robinsons Retail Holdings landed in 236th place, Jollibee Foods at 239th place, and Alliance Global Group at 659th place. Read more: 3 Pinoy companies hailed as 2020 World’s Best Employers, an article by Esquire Mag.

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