Tinapayan Chocolate Festival 2017

Tinapayan is, and will always be, a distinct Ilonggo favorite. It has greatly contributed to my childhood. Way back 1990s, during the early days of the new wing of Iloilo Supermart, it has been our go-to place to purchase the best ‘pandesal’ in town – as well as the softest loaf bread. Even up to this day, despite the upsurge of bread shops in the city, Tinapayan will always be one of Iloilo’s most favorite when it comes to bread – not to mention appetizing cakes and pastries.

Tinapayan, in Hiligaynon, means bread shop – and it has been one of Iloilo’s forerunner bakeshops since 1978. The bread shop offers a variety of bread, pastries, and cakes – as well as a yearly celebration known as ‘Chocolate Festival’ highlighting a deluge of irresistible chocolate sweets made by Tinapayan. Here is a glimpse of Tinapayan’s Chocolate Festival 2017.

Tinapayan is located in Iloilo Supermart Stores. Meanwhile, the main bakeshop is located at The Atrium, General Luna Street, Iloilo. The Atrium is one of the earliest malls in Iloilo City. From the top floor of the mall, you can see the beauty of the Iloilo Provincial Capitol and metro Iloilo. The view is outstanding!

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