Ube Cheese Pandesal

Just recently, the ‘ube cheese pandesal’ has become exponentially famous – an instant hit and a regular crowd favorite. We first read about it from the posts of friends on Facebook. Then it became a daily thing – always posted by friends encouraging bakery shops to bake more! What sorcery is this? So, we tried it for ourselves.

Our chosen ‘ube cheese pandesal’ to try is Tinapayan’s. Priced at Php 40.50, the pack contains six pan de sals. Each pandesal contains an ube layer and a cheese core. The ube layer is interesting, having a creamy consistency and addicting taste – the cheese is a surprising touch.

‘Happy wife, happy life’ is a post from a netizen demanding Tibiao Bakery to bake more of the ube goodness. “I understand that scarcity is a technique in marketing pero palihog lang da bi? Damua niyo ubra bisan one time lang sang inyo ube cheese pandesal? Kay since last week pa ni na gina away ako sang akon asawa nga wala ko dala mag puli! Basi dugay2x, wala na ko balay,” states a Leif Brian Gomez Margallo, a netizen.

Aside from the bakery staples Tinapayan and Tibiao, some bakeries and even microentrepreneurs started selling their own rendition of ‘ube cheese pandesal’.

Ube Cheese Pandesal

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