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Umalympics: Farm Sports Tourism

The town of New Lucena hosts the first-ever “Umalympics”. Sports on the farm or farming with sports? Either way, both of these will be witnessed in the first-ever Farm Sports Tourism Event in the City and Province of Iloilo – the “Umalympics”. This summer event is a fusion of traditional sports and traditional farming practices with a little twist. The one-day event will be witnessed on April 22, 2017, at Brgy. Cabugao New Lucena, Iloilo, and this is one of the main events during the barangay’s fiesta celebration. The 21 barangays in New Lucena shall send 1 team to participate in the Maharlikan Race, and the other two events will be opened for interested participants.

“Umalympics” is a brainchild of Cabugao Farmers Association and Rated G Talent Camp with the support of the Brgy. Officials of Cabugao and Town Officials of New Lucena. This one-of-a-kind activity aims to boost Farm Tourism, Create awareness of the importance of farming (particularly organic), promote health and wellness, and preserve the culture and tradition of farming.

With the launching of this maiden event, the town of New Lucena shall bring the town’s tourism into greater heights. At the same time, the advocacy for organic farming will be strengthened and the people of New Lucena will be recognized for putting up a noble and worthy activity. Proceeds shall go to the rehabilitation of the Chapel of the barangay and the Cabugao Farmers Association. The expected crowd-drawer, “Umalympics” shall cover three main events namely: Karera sa Uma – Outback Closed Circuit Back Race | Maharlikan Race – Fusion of Crossfit and traditional farming practices: “Kundoksyon” |“Bi-al” | “Timba sa Bubon” | “Sag-ob sa bayong” | “Tabok sa lubid” | “Latay sa Kawayan” | “Taklad sa Banglid” | Padausdos sa Tubig” | “Taklas sa Buho” | “Guyod sang Royda” | “Kamang sa Lutak” | “Dakop sang idik” | and Bambooksing – Boxing in a farm setting on top of a bamboo platform

For more information and registration to any of the events kindly contact Gail Nunez-Bangeles (09284956631). Below, glimpse of “Umalympics”:

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