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Update: Iloilo City Mayor Statement on Covid-19

Considering the recent Covid-19 outbreak, with Iloilo Province on Community Quarantine, Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas publishes a statement via social media addressing the current situation of the City of Iloilo. It can be recalled that the mayor has signed Executive Order 50, suspending and prohibiting the entry of non-essential individuals traveling by sea from 12 midnight of March 16, 2020 to 12 midnight of April 14, 2020.

“Around the Philippines, the COVID-19 situation continues to grow rapidly. To address this concern and to help stop the virus from entering into our city I have decided to suspend the non-essential entry of persons traveling to Iloilo by sea travel. Please note that the border restrictions for air travel are under the jurisdiction of Iloilo Province and they have already closed the borders. Only persons who are within the Panay-Guimaras island provided also following their own border restrictions and also not PUI or PUM are allowed to enter the city,” excerpt from Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas’ statement published on social media.

“The cancellation of classes at all levels will be extended until April 14, 2020 as all students are required to stay at home and be safe to prevent the spread of the virus. I know this is hard especially now that we don’t have positive cases. Let us not wait and panic when the time comes. A little sacrifice now will save lives tomorrow,” he adds.

It can be recalled that the City has enacted Executive Order No. 049 prohibiting students from entering or patronizing malls, bars, coffee shops, computer shops, and other similar establishments where social distancing cannot be observed. It can also be recalled that the mayor appealed to cancel all religious services, masses, and the like.

“As your local chief executive, I can only do so much, and to help stop this I need everyone’s help and cooperation. As Ilonggos let us show the world we are united. I believe that there is strength in numbers. Because if everyone will follow the PUM/PUI guidelines and the students will stay at home we can stop the chain of transmission and eventually win against this virus. We are together in this fight and if we work together, together we will win. I will do my best to protect all of you but please follow all the rules and guidelines which I have issued and believed is best for all Ilonggos,” in the same statement by Treñas.

Preparation of Iloilo City. Last February, through Executive Order 28, the mayor has designated a Focal Person to coordinate and implement disease prevention and control measures against Covid-19. Moreover, a Covid-19 Task Force of Iloilo City was formed with the responsibility of holding barangay orientation on appropriate measures – this includes checking of Persons Under Monitoring (PUM) in the barangay, a continuous sanitation activity, and inclusion of 9 additional medical doctors and 28 nurses to assist the task force as well as the Iloilo City Health Office.

By March 11, through Executive Order No. 48, the mayor has suspended all public gatherings in the metro. This also includes suspension of classes for both public and private educational institutions from March 16 to 29.

To date, the country is under Code Red Sublevel 2. The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has already placed Metro Manila on Community Quarantine.

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