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US Based Company Goozam Aids Ursula Hit Communities

Goozam, company headquartered in California, is lending a helping hand to Ursula-hit communities. The company, together with the Mountain Tigers, Philippine Marines, Philippine National Police, Philippine Port Patrol, and Philippine Coast Guards, worked round the clock to aggregate and conduct relief operations.

“We thank God and all that donated for the compassion. Though this effort will still be short based on the number of families affected, God knows your heart’s capacity and your prayers are also appreciated,” states Enoch Cruz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Goozam.

Moreover, Cruz also calls for further help.

“And those that missed this opportunity maybe on the next round you could spare some of your extra clothes, blankets, water and or rice – anything will help those that basically have near nothing,” adds Cruz.

The Goozam team aspires to provide the following to 400 households: sardines (1,200 qty), rice (15 sacks), medicine (paracetamol, mefenamic, and loperamide), mineral water (2 liters each family), miswa (200 packs), old clothes, and blankets. Interested donors can get in touch with the fundraising group set up by Goozam.

Goozam operates a mobile application that serves as a first response mobile emergency and non-emergency service collaboration, hailing, messaging, and resource app that allows response and interaction from GeoVolunteers, volunteers within a proximity radius.

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