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US Must Improve COVID-19 Efforts to Prevent Millions into Poverty – UN

In an article by the United Nations, it was stressed that the United States should take urgent steps to prevent tens of millions of middle-class from being ‘plunged into poverty’. Philip Alston, a United Nations Special Rapporteur, details how a significant portion of the country’s population will inevitably face destitution.

“Low-income and poor people face far higher risks from the coronavirus due to chronic neglect and discrimination, and a muddled, corporate-driven, federal response [that] has failed them,” Philip Alston, a United Nations Special Rapporteur.

Alston details that in a four-week period, more than 22 million people have filed for unemployment and US Federal Reserve economists projects up to 47 million jobs lost. To add, food bank use has increased and almost a third of housing tenants were not able to pay April’s rent on time.

“They are more likely to work in jobs with a high risk of exposure, live in crowded and insecure housing, reside in neighborhoods that are more vulnerable because of air pollution, and lack access to healthcare. Communities of color, who face a persistent racial wealth gap, are at particular risk and are dying at much higher rates.” He adds.

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