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Much-awaited Vikings Luxury Buffet finally opens in Iloilo City. The anticipated buffet-style restaurant was flocked by Ilonggos, young and old, with the goal of #EatLikeAViking. Yours truly had the opportunity to dine at the said resto and provide me with answers as to why it has caused so much buzz in the City of Love for so long. Also, in this article, we will discover tips on how to make our dining experience ‘sulit’ at Vikings Luxury Buffet.

1. Explore all offerings first. Human tendency is to ‘attack’ at the first sight of food. It is best to explore all the food offerings first before picking up a plate. At Vikings Luxury Buffet in Iloilo, the main course section is located on your right, upon entrance, at the far end of the restaurant. Meanwhile, appetizers and desserts are at the left side of the room. I suggest taking the time to explore all offerings – mentally tagging the dishes that you will come back for.

2. Create a gastronomic plan. After ‘surveying’ the area, create a plan. I guess we all know how much food we can eat. Decipher whether or not you should get a little bit of everything or go straight to your favorites. To me, it is best that you get small portions – that way, you can taste a variety of what is being offered at Vikings.

3. Slow down on certain food groups. According to the Vikings Buffet Blog on Tumblr, you need to limit your seafood intake – eating too many oysters may cause stomach problems. Three (3) ounces of oysters containing 67 milligrams of zinc may trigger gastrointestinal reactions such as abdominal cramps. Also, limit on the sashimi. Sashimi has omega-3 fatty acids, protein as well as vitamins, and minerals. On the other hand, certain fish carry a high level of mercury. Too much of this would also cause you to get sick.

4. Don’t forget about water and fiber. Sometimes, we get so engulfed in so many food and beverages (Vikings offers Heineken along with soda and juices) that we sometimes forget to drink water. Don’t forget to drink water in between meals. Moreover, don’t forget to explore the salad section, fiber is important to healthy digestion.

5. Enjoy. Yeah, this does not need to be elaborated.

Before saying that this is another hazy article here are more tips:

Take note of the schedule. To make the most of your stay, it is best to know their dining schedule. Come on time! Vikings Luxury Buffet Iloilo is open from 11:00am to 2:30pm and 5:30pm to 10:00pm, Mondays to Sundays. So, if you come around 1pm, you will only have about an hour and a half left to enjoy all the gastronomic goodness at Vikings.

Vikings Luxury Buffet, SM Southpoint
Restaurant Hours
11:00am to 2:30pm; 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Mondays to Sundays

Scoring a seat. Although walk-in is okay. However, I think the newly opened Vikings here in Iloilo will be flocked in its early days, weeks, maybe months, of opening. During its soft opening August 13th, Vikings had no reservation yet but I believe in the long run, maybe soon, they will. For more information about Vikings, their local number is (033) 508 8898 / (033) 508 8188; Mobile (0917) 313 7888 / (0919) 993 8888. They are also responsive on Facebook at www.facebook.com/vikingssmcityiloilo.

Vikings Luxury Buffet, SM Southpoint
(033) 508 8898 / (033) 508 8188;
Mobile (0917) 313 7888 / (0919) 993 8888

Stay tuned for promos and score discounts. Vikings offer a number of creative promos such as wear your most creative vikings hat or wear your Iloilo/Ilonggo statement shirt on a specific date indicated. You can find it on their Facebook page. Here are some of that on their Facebook page, embedded below.

Big Group Promo: Full paying adult who will dine in big groups are entitled to receive a special discount: 25% off for 30 to 49 pax, 27% off for 50 to 69 pax, 30% off for 70 to 99 pax, and 40% off for 100 pax and above. Guests must pay 50% downpayment of the total discounted rate in advance, and settle full balance on the day of the event. Terms and conditions on payment, cancellation, and refund will apply. This promo is not applicable on holidays and blackout periods (including February 14 and the month of December), and may not be used in conjunction with other in-house promotions or discounts (including senior citizen discount. For more information about the Big Group Promo, inquire at Vikings either at the restaurant or on the contacts numbers mentioned above.

*Prices may change without prior notice

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