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Villar: Middle Class Should Not Receive Cash Assistance

Photo from the Office of Senator Cynthia Villar

Senator Cynthia Villar recently made a controversial statement about the middle class. According to Villar, the middle class should not receive assistance from the government, specifically with the social amelioration program.
Villar elaborated that 18 million target beneficiaries of the emergency subsidy represent 82% of the 22 million Filipino families in the country – Villar said during the hybrid hearing of the Senate Committee of the Whole.

“Yung 18 million is 82%. Bakit bibigyan ‘yung middle eh may trabaho sila, kahit lockdown nagsusweldo sila sa gobyerno kung employed by the government. Kung employed naman ng mga private, nagsusweldo rin sila kaya nga nahihirapan ang mga companies kasi they have to pay the salaries even if there is no business,” states Senator Cynthia Villar.

“Hindi ko ma-accept ang figures na ‘yun. Masyadong mataas. Nade-deprive ang mahihirap dahil binibigyan pati ang middle class,”the Senator added referring to the Php 200 billion emergency subsidy for low income families as indicated in the Bayanihan to Heal As One Act.

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