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Wakanda of the Philippines: The Rebirth of Iloilo City

Wakanda of the Philippines

Wakanda of the Philippines: The Rebirth of Iloilo City is a documentary series that tells untold pandemic stories of Ilonggos. As of this April, the Philippines already recorded close to 1 million COVID-19 cases, while more than 16,000 have already succumbed to death. Of these numbers, Iloilo City recorded more than 6,000 cases and deaths of close to 200.

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought countless challenges to different industries globally. In Iloilo City, business operations stopped, and the economy was interrupted. Yet, the Ilonggos have shown strength and resiliency leading it to be known as the “Wakanda of the Philippines”.

To highlight these qualities, a documentary series that features the untold pandemic stories of the Ilonggos was born. Entitled “Wakanda of the Philippines: The Rebirth of Iloilo City”, this documentary series was produced by Dr. Eugenio Ramos who has been in the frontline in battling the pandemic as the enterprise leader of The Medical City.

“I have long fallen in-love with Iloilo City and its people. And for a good many reasons. For one, being there makes it impossible not to notice a grand design, a vision that evokes leadership in motion.,” Dr. Ramos said.

Eugene Ramos, MD, MBA, is the CEO of The Medical City Iloilo before he was given the responsibility to lead the entire TMC Enterprise that includes six hospitals and 50 clinics all over the country. A cardiology doctor by profession, he is very passionate about arts and culture and believes in the power of communication.

“It is with extreme pride and pleasure that I have produced this documentary on Iloilo City in the time of COVID-19, an excellent opportunity to prove its worth that I have always believed in”, Dr. Ramos added.

“Wakanda of the Philippines: The Rebirth of Iloilo City” features the stories of Ilonggos from different walks of life. It will reveal how an ordinary worker survived the ECQ without having a job; how a market vendor remains hopeful amidst the lockdown; how a healthcare worker faced discriminations; how a COVID-19 survivor handled the loss of a loved one; and how business and political leaders became united to achieve the common good.

All these stories are something that the world needs to know as these bring lessons and realizations that one could apply during these challenging times. Watch the first part of “Wakanda of the Philippines: The Rebirth of Iloilo City” through this link:

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