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“We are with you, Alimodian” – Vice Gov Garin

After recent news that 20 individuals from Alimodian tested positive for Coronavirus, Vice Governor Christine ‘TingTing’ Garin shared an official statement showing support for Alimodian. In a report by RMN, it has been said that the Rural Health Unit of Alimodian has been placed under quarantine and that 20 individuals, including frontliners, are now positive of the disease.

“With a heavy yet hopeful heart, I reach out to everyone in Alimodian, Iloilo especially to our very able leaders, Mayor Calay Alonsabe and members of the Alimodian Municipal Council. I do the same to the medical and non-medical frontliners whose shared goal is to save lives and help in the midst of this pandemic,” begins Vice Governor Christine ‘Ting Ting’ Garin.

“The information about the local transmission here shall strengthen our resolve to unify our efforts and more than ever, focus on our COVID 19 battle. This is not just going to be Alimodian’s fight. We are in this together as we heed global calls for social protection as a strong foundation against this public health emergency,” she adds.

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