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‘Weekend Lockdown’: Iloilo City Mayor Signs EO 063

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas recently signs Executive Order 063: an Executive Order amending Executive Order No. 055, Executive Order No. 055-A, and Executive Order No. 061 (all Series of 2020) regarding the implementation of the expanded and enhanced community quarantine in Iloilo City as a response mechanism to prevent the spread and/or local transmission of COVID-19.

The duration of will be effective 12:01am of April 18 until 11:59pm of April 19, and 12:01am of April 25 until 11:59pm of April 26 – all Saturdays and Sundays during the enhanced community quarantine period.

“It was decided by the COVID-19 team that, starting this week, Saturdays and Sundays will be totally blocked off for everyone, except only to buy medicines. We will no longer allow anyone to go out of their houses,” states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas, in an article by Iloilo Today.

“It was noticed that everyone is going out of their houses, and we will no longer allow that. We are asking the barangays and those who are holding checkpoints to make sure that everyone who goes out of his house should have a quarantine pass with him,” he adds.

The executive order calls for the closure of all business except for:

  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • Pharmacies and drug stores
  • Funeral parlors
  • Establishments operating beyond 8pm

Establishments operating beyond 8pm (such as business process outsourcing companies, knowledge process outsourcing companies, media outfits, commissaries, food processing business, arrastre services, shipping and cargo, and other similar establishments) may be allowed to operate given that they shall provide accommodation for their personnel who render work during this period.

Moreover, no person shall go out of their houses expect for:

  • Those who need to go to either the hospital or pharmacy
  • All Department of Health personnel
  • Healthcare workers
  • Essential government personnel
  • Media practitioners
  • Iloilo City Emergency Response Team
  • Personnel recommended by COVID-19 Focal Person and approved by City Mayor

Further details about EO 063 below:

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