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What is Substr?

Freelancers working at home can attest to this. In fact, maybe a lot of people would. If only someone can bring you your favorite classic milk tea with pearl from Gongcha or a Y1 meal from Jollibee. Some would say: “yeah, in fact, that exists today in the form of a delivery guy”. True. But what if your establishment of choice doesn’t deliver? Or you don’t want to hit the Php 500 minimum order? Or you are an online seller and you are sick and tired of doing meetups? Instead of hiring a personal delivery guy, why not hire Substr instead?

For only Php 90, you can hire a Substr.

Substr, defined as a person who performs another person’s task on his or her behalf, is currently an errand matching service that is now available here in Iloilo. It matches requests or tasks with its partners – riders, shoppers, purchasers – who are willing to accomplish the request or task. Substr offers the following services: purchase, delivery/pickup, and even proxy. As of the moment, Substr’s purchase requests concerning food delivery is the most used service.

How in the world was Substr conceptualized? This ingenious idea was conceptualized during an ‘inuman’ session. “One of the founders thought about the preliminary concept of Substr during a drinking session with his friends when he wondered, ‘what if kon may ara sang pwede masugo to buy and deliver ice for us tapos bayaran lang siya ya?’ It was from this that his mission to make Ilonggos’ lives easier by providing convenience through this service” says Josh Von of Substr. “The realization that time can be used for better things and that this can also be an opportunity to some people who need an extra source of income are among the main driving force behind Substr’s birth.” Von adds.

So how can Ilonggos use Substr? Ilonggos can avail of the service by liking the Substr page on Facebook [ www.facebook.com/SubstrCo ] and by sending their requests via chat. Substr task operators are more than happy to accommodate requests.

“The Substr team, in relation to this, is already preparing something big and more convenient for the Ilonggos to drop their requests in so just watch for it.” adds Von.

Can anyone be part of the Substr team? As mentioned, Substr can also be an opportunity to some people who need an extra source of income. Anyone who has free time and who wants additional income is welcome to join. Shoppers, plumbers, carpenters, bikers, drivers, cleaners, etc can be part of the Substr family. Aspiring Substrs can send their resume with a cover letter indicating the skill that they can offer and email it to thesubstrcompany@gmail.com.

Substr is definitely an ingenious and amazing idea that can help Ilonggos with their daily lives. Get a Substr now!

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