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WHO: 5 Million Total Coronavirus Cases Worldwide

Globally, there have been 5,491,678 confirmed cases of Coronavirus Disease, including 349,190 deaths – according to the World Health Organization. In the WHO COVID dashboard, the regions with the highest number of cases includes Americas (2,495,924 total cases), Europe (2,061,828 total cases), and Eastern Mediterranean (449,590).

In terms of countries, the United States of America has the highest number of cases with 1,634,010 followed by Brazil (374,898), Russian Federation (370,680), The United Kingdom (265,231), Spain (236,631), Italy (230,555), Germany (179,364), Turkey (158,762), India (151,767), France (142,704), Iran (139, 511), and Peru (123,979).

The WHO COVID dashboard can be accessed via

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