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Property Company of Friends (Profriends): The brainchild of Guillermo Choa and a group of friends who shared his vision, the Property Company of Friends, Inc was incorporated on February 23, 1999. The brand began its journey as a provider of housing units in small pocket developments in Cavite and later on grew to include medium-rise residents, as well as condominiums and estates for low, middle, and high-end markets, and finally to flourishing townships. Since its establishment, Pro-Friends has built over 58,000 homes for Filipino families (as of December 2020).

News and Updates

Profriends Iloilo Celebrates 16th Anniversary. Profriends, the developer of Parc Regency Residences, Monticello Villas, and Merrydale Homes in Iloilo, celebrates its 16th year in Western Visayas by holding Parc Familia Fiesta.

The month-long festivity kicked off with a series of music entertainment dubbed “Acoustic Night at the Parc,” participated by homeowners and Profriends employees. Moreover, the highlight of the celebration is the Community Fun Ride routed on the roads of Amparo, Pal-agon, and Angela Avenue, summing up a 10-kilometer distance. Top finishers received prizes and recognition after the bicycle ride.

Following the activity, teams competed against each other in a basketball game, with a taekwondo exhibition at the half-time break. To get a full appreciation of the performance, a taekwondo class was held later in the day for interested individuals. Families also enjoyed the open pool from 7 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

Continuing the full-day celebration is a community bingo game. The celebration was capped by another night of singing and bonding through another acoustic night. A light dinner was shared by the community as they listened to performances of neighbors who gamely shared their talent.

“Our objective is to bring fun to the community, as we look forward to a more bonded relationship among our homeowners and stakeholders. On our Road to 25, Profriends is poised to introduce more projects in Iloilo. Here’s to more years of collaboration and happiness here in the Visayas Region,” says Iloilo Business Unit Head Pau Jaen-Villagante. Road to 25 is a series of events for the people and community in celebration of Profriends’ 25th year in the property development business.

Profriends in Iloilo: 16 Years of Making A Difference. Since Profriends launched its first project outside Cavite in 2007, Iloilo has been the second home of the property developer in its mission of creating communities to transform the lives of Filipino families. The then-quiet municipality of Pavia became a bustling town just a few years after Profriends bravely invested in two initial projects in the area: Parc Regency Residences and Monticello Villas.

“We have actively participated in and witnessed the development of this town (Pavia). It is nice for us to have started here and grow with it,” says Kathleen Choa, President of Profriends.

Pavia has since counted many locators following the success of these Profriends communities. Parc Regency Residences was the first to introduce an extra open space, the linear park, adjacent to its houses. This became the standard for property developers to offer ample space for family and community activities in their projects. Parc Regency Residences also takes pride of having the biggest swimming pool in the area.

“We value the families’ time together so we provide facilities and more open spaces in our projects that will be a venue for frequent family bonding,” added Choa. Recently, Profriends also launched Merrydale Homes in Sta. Barbara. “For over 16 years, we are delivering joy and making a difference in our Iloilo communities. Alongside our developments, we also built and support four GK (Gawad Kalinga) communities in Passi and Lambunao. We envision for this to continue in the coming years,” she added.

Profriends Iloilo recently celebrated its 16th anniversary by holding a series of family activities. The events further strengthened relationships in the community. The success of the developments in Iloilo is part of Profriends’ milestones on its Road to 25. Road to 25 is a series of events for the people and community in celebration of Profriends’ 25th year in the property development business.

Water System in GK-Kahilwayan Village Inaugurated. Gawad Kalinga volunteers and some LGU officials of the municipality of Lambunao led the inauguration of the water system in the community. The water system in the village includes a more sustainable water source, a submersible water pump, two additional water tanks to supplement the three existing tanks, and additional connecting water pipes.

The improvement work for the water system was made possible through the funding assistance of Profriends and volunteer works of GK-Kahilwayan Village residents.

“This improvement will make community life more convenient as water supply will be much more accessible to residents. Profriends continues to collaborate with Gawad Kalinga in giving care to the communities we create, in order to transform the families’ lives for the better,” shares Profriends Business Unit Head Pau Jaen-Villagante.

The new water system is designed to sustain the whole community composed of 250 households. This effort is part of Profriends’ Road to 25, as it stays true to its mission to create communities and transform lives. Road to 25 is a series of events for the people and community in celebration of Profriends’ 25th year in the property development business.

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